Friday 19 July 2024

Yellow-Legged Gulls

Seawatching has been incredibly slow the last few weeks at Selsey so not really much to report there. Let's see if the higher sea temperatures lead to another fine autumn of shearwaters. It was a bit better off Southwold early in the week where at least c.150 Common Scoter and a good mix of terns were entertaining.

A look this morning at the Bill was short and not sweet as it was dead offshore, although three Sand Martins went east; Church Norton was likewise slow bar a few Sandwich Terns out on the mud.

The east side of Pagham Harbour was a bit more cheery though with two fairly close adult Yellow-legged Gulls close in and another further out towards the spit. Surprisingly no sign of any Purple Hairstreaks in the scrag oaks but there were a few Essex Skippers along the path towards the lagoon.

A few Little Terns were off the spit and c.12 Common Terns and c.3 Sandwich Terns inc. a juvenile were about as well.

Yellow-legged Gull & Common Tern in with gull sp. inc. a few Mediterranean Gulls at the east side:

I've been meaning to mention a Ring-necked Parakeet that's been present at Oving for a few days now, there used to be a lot here in the 80s but this is the first for quite a while!


 A short trip to Southwold didn't yield a great deal but a few standard seabirds were noted and a Green Sandpiper was on the marshes.

A few nice plants around as well, Sea Holly, Thistle & Cinquefoil

Friday 17 May 2024

Red Kites

 Two smashing Red Kites low over the house at Oving were a treat the other day; four Buzzards accompanied them. Two Swifts were high up and a small flock of House Martins were over the polytunnels. 

Nothing of interest on the sea at Selsey as the Pom King comp (long past its sell by date I'm afraid!) dissolved into WWB Tern from the other day was universally rubbished too, what a game eh? 😂😂

Update: SOS news, WWB Tern was accepted by the (real) records committee as was the Puffin and Red-necked Grebe, sorry about that 😂😂😂

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Med Gulls

 Several large flocks of Mediterranean Gulls over us recently, 50, 20 & 30 birds all heading east and apparently on the move. Seen more four miles inland than off Selsey Bill this year, bizarre. 

Sunday 10 March 2024


 Generally quiet really, a few Brent moving at Selsey but mostly seeming to miss the Bill, a Stonechat and Firecrest new in were nice however. No sign of the RCPs at Whyke Lakes hut a surprise early Blackcap there today.

Wednesday 28 February 2024


 A Spoonbill on the ferry pool was close and awake and feeding voraciously this morning which makes a change. Over the previous weekend, a Red-necked Grebe and the long staying Puffin were offshore at the Bill.

Friday 23 February 2024

Purple Sandpiper

 Two Purple Sandpipers at Medmerry breach today with good numbers of Dunlin; oddly no Ringed Plovers though!