Saturday, 30 August 2014

Medmerry was decidedly quiet for me today though a few good birds were seen on the east side; on the west side the only thing of note was the hybrid Barnacle X Canada Goose with roughly 400 Canada Geese:

The Wheatears were still at Marsh Farm in the dairy field:

Church Norton on Friday was good for a Redstarts with three behind the hide:

with some Spotted Flycatchers:

In the harbour was a Curlew Sandpiper with some Dunlin and the Leucistic Curlew:

At Marsh Farm, Sidlesham there were a few Wheatears around:

And at Warner Lane horse paddocks, a smart Whinchat:

Bird of the day was the Osprey I picked up over the fields at Pagham North Walls, mobbed by gulls it drifted off to the West after a while:

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Note to self that I must remember not to twitch stuff at Pulborough Brooks RSPB!!! Nine times out of ten it is far too distant for any sort of positive ID as it proved on Tuesday in a look for the Broad Billed Sandpiper that may or may not be there...better birders than I (that's everyone to be fair) could not find it conclusively or otherwise so guess we'll never interesting to see if a record of the original sighting is submitted...Also managed to dip the Selsey Wryneck despite an early heads-up via text...

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Clambered out of bed early for a change and headed up to Church Norton where in the churchyard were two male Redstarts. Behind the hide were six or so Spotted Flycatchers, a possible Pied Flycatcher (too quick for me to be sure!), a Green Woodpecker, a Wheatear, a male & female Blackcap, a female Redstart and a few Willow Warblers:


Green Woodpecker:


Spotted Flycatcher:

At Medmerry, ten or so Yellow Wagtails over and two Common Sandpipers on the first pool from Easton Lane:

We then took my son up to The Trundle, an Iron Age hill fort above Chichester. Highlight of the trip was a Hummingbird Hawk Moth which buzzed off before it could get its picture taken unfortunately. Also there three Wheatears, four Spotted Flycatchers, numerous Chalkhill Blues, Small Heaths and Meadow Browns and a single Clouded Yellow:


Spotted Flycatcher:

worn Chalkhill Blue:

A quick run up to Climping and a walk around Atherington towards the Mill on Friday found two Redstarts, male & female, in the far horse paddock, with a juvenile Green Woodpecker:


Young Green Woodpecker:

Earlier in the day at Marsh Farm, Sidlesham, the Cattle Egret was still present as were a dozen Yellow Wagtails.

Cattle Egret:

Sunday, 17 August 2014

A very windy and pretty quiet day today, not much at Medmerry or Sidlesham, a few bits at Church Norton though:


Common Darter (female):

Red Admirals on Water Mint:


Holly Blue:

Many Speckled Woods also about, particularly near the graveyard path.

It struck me after walking round the "Discovery Area"  (the area supposed to attract youngsters into the nature watching game) by the visitor centre at Pagham RSPB how poor and run down the place has become-no new plantings of Fleabane or any other butterfly plants as far as I'm aware and generally in need of some TLC whilst the Ferry Pool hide needs a good clean-up and the fence is not great here either; the visitor centre is terrible compared to most others and  the paths down to Church Norton are nearly impassable in places. The hide and the steps at Church Norton have both been repaired by volunteers and a stray fishing net was hauled out by a birder which makes me think that a bit of actual graft is required by the warden and his staff! Of course you can't fault Medmerry but perhaps when this is up and running some thought could be given to the Sidlesham site.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

At Medmerry today, plenty of Sand Martins, House Martins, at least a dozen Wheatears and still the odd Clouded Yellow and a young Avocet was tucking into a Lugworm in the Earnley channel. I think the dragonfly is a Common Darter.



Avocet & Lugworm:

Common Darter:

At Marsh Farm, Sidlesham the Cattle Egret was still showing well:

A video of the Cattle Egret here:

Monday, 11 August 2014

Finally got a better look at the Long-Tailed Skua today after a back-and-forth along Church Norton shingle!

Little video here:
Got completely out of sync here, but did manage to see the Long-Tailed Skua that's been around the Selsey area a few times over the last week, no photos good enough as yet..if I had bothered to hang around yesterday would have got some good ones as it was on the shingle at Church Norton, I must have nearly trodden on it without seeing it...doh!

So here's one taken by Sarah Russell from Selsey of the early morning (and successful) Skua watch form Church Norton, I'm far right, looking the wrong way as usual:

A Pectoral Sandpiper at Pulborough Brooks was a good excuse for a wander on Saturday. The bird showed well through a scope from Jupp's although it was abit distant for photos. Also had a look for a Purple Hairstreak to no avail but did manage a Brown Hairstreak and a cracking "helice" Clouded Yellow. A Raven cronked over and a Small Copper fluttered by:

Clouded Yellow "helice":

Pectoral Sandpiper:

Dunlin & Pectoral Sandpiper:

Small Copper:


Friday, 8 August 2014

A bit butterfly-tastic today I'm afraid! Pictures from Mill Hill, Ridge Road at Falmer and Cissbury Ring.
Here we go...

Common Blue:

Small Heath:

Brown Argus:


Red Admiral:

Speckled Wood:

Chalkhill Blue:

Painted Lady:

Also at Cissbury Ring an Adonis Blue but no battery left in camera :-(

And at Cissbury Ring some birds! Cronking group of six Ravens: