Friday, 3 January 2014


Started off today with a look for the Whooper Swans at Ivy Lake, Chichester but no sign for me, also missed the female Red Crested Pochard that was reported on Birdguides later in the day. Had more luck in West Lane, Hayling though, as the Black Brant was present with the Dark Bellied Brents, the bird has a bright white full neck collar and is quite obvously darker than its companions:

Part two of today's trip was to Sopley in Hampshire/Dorset (kind of on the border so I'm told) for the Green Winged Teal. I strongly suspect the bird was there but a 100% ID was impossible in the thunder and driving rain. I've never got more wet birding. I'm convinced this is an over-looked bird in Sussex at least, so will keep looking. Picture of the Teal by the Avon Causeway, it's the one second from the left ;-)

Last look of the day was for the Mandarin Ducks on Arundel's Swanbourne Lake. I was lucky enough to see one just before it flew off back into the WWT centre. I'm wise to their game now, breakfast at the WWT, bread all day on the Lake then home for tea! No photo of the drake today but will have another go tomorrow, weather permitting!!