Sunday, 12 January 2014

Thanks partly to a few good Sussex Birders and a slice of luck, I finally made contact with the Shoreham Glaucous Gull today! I arrived early (unusual for me!) and almost immediately found the gull along the West harbour arm, I rushed onto the arm to get a quick snap but then somehow lost sight of the bird. It transpired that it must have flown out to sea as about forty minutes later it reappeared following a trawler into the harbour. Alerted by a shout that it was there, good views were had as it drifted into the harbour with a mellee of other gulls. I may go back for pictures as it certainly was a beast! Incidentally, on one of my previous trips for this bird this week I found a Caspian Gull (2nd Winter) on the beach near the West arm which I'm told is a good record for West Sussex.

On Saturday we had a few minutes at Hayling where we picked up some genuine Black Necked Grebes (ie: not Little Grebes!), rubbish record shot here: