Monday, 14 April 2014

Lucky I checked the blog today as there was a report that Sarah Russell had found a Ring Ouzel in the horse paddocks at Warner Lane, Selsey.

As I was in the area (well sort of..!) I popped in for a look to find not just one Ring Ouzel was present but two!

I took them to be a male & female, the male being much more defined in plumage:

..than the female:

In the bushes behind the field was a superb Whinchat:

and also a striking male Common Redstart that flitted up and down the fence line (update tonight, now two):

Credit to Sarah for finding these lovely birds.

I'd heard that there were a couple of Little Ringed Plovers at North Walls but no luck for me although the two Spoonbills were distantly visible in flight. There were, however, a male and female Redstart in the horse paddock by the footpath with a White Wagtail: