Thursday, 3 April 2014

Today on the old dew pond at Westerton, two fantastic Black Swans:

And what I presume is a Barnacle X Canada Goose:

Though I'm now being told it's not and it's a leucistic Canada Goose despite its very small stature (much smaller than it looks in the photo). Maybe it's one of the smaller race Canada Geese but I suspect with the growing population of Barnacle X Canada Geese on the nearby Drayton Pits its parentage is probably mixed. F2  hybrid? Who knows and quite frankly I'm losing the will to live. Just a note that I'll be posting  photos mainly on here and only occasionally on the Sussex Birders Facebook page (not that anyone reads the blog, I've seen the stats!) for a while, so if you are remotely interested in ego-free, non-hierarchical, non-judgemental birding do pop along.